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Aromatherapy – How To Use to Heal, Inspire and Soothe

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Aromatherapy – the use of essential oils to heal, inspire and soothe – is an ancient art, first practised by the early Egyptians and Greeks. Modern science has confirmed that essential oils have a wide range of therapeutic properties. Here are six of our favourites.

Lavender With analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, this works as a deodorant, a sedative and an insect repellent, plus it’s great for minor burns, headaches, muscle pain, and as an inhalant for colds and flu.

Peppermint Use this in a diffuser for bronchitis and sinusitis, in a bath to relieve fever, or in a massage blend for bruises, migraine and muscular aches.

Eucalyptus A tried-and-true decongestant with powerful anti-infective effects: one study has shown that a room spray containing eucalyptus oil will kill 75 per cent of airborne pathogens.

Geranium Healing and regenerative, this is a great choice for skin conditions like acne, bruises and dermatitis. Its sweet perfume makes it a delightful inclusion in bath and massage blends.

Lemongrass Its toning, antibacterial and astringent properties make this an excellent inclusion in treatments for skin. It is excellent for improving concentration and overcoming mental fatigue.

Orange Use this in a diffuser to clear congestion, or in a bath to soothe insomnia. The warming, comforting scent eases stress-related disorders.



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