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Spring skin spruce-up!

Written By Madeleine Jennings

Frosty winter air can wreak havoc on your skin! Here are Madeleine Jennings’ top tips on how to revitalise your skincare regimen for spring!

CLEANSE Get into the habit of always removing your make-up before going to bed at night. This is especially important for teenage girls who may be using foundation to cover up pimples or hormonal acne. It’s important to let skin ‘breathe’ if it is to heal.

EXFOLIATE Winter can result in a build-up of dead skin cells, creating a sallow, dull-looking complexion with uneven skin tone. Use a gentle exfoliant, such as Jojoba Company Bead & Bamboo Facial Exfoliant or Juniper Calming Facial Exfoliant, to exfoliate skin and invigorate new cell growth.

MOISTURISE Ensure your bath or shower water is not too hot as this can further dry out skin. Remember to apply a good moisturiser all over your body immediately after washing and exfoliating, as this helps to trap moisture into the skin. Try some of the amazing body oils available at Go Vita, these are a terrific alternative to sorbolene or mineral oil based lotions that contain petrochemicals.

BALANCE If you suffer from the classic T-zone face, with oily patches along the forehead, nose, and chin, but dryness elsewhere, then The Jojoba Co. Oily Skin Balancer will be helpful. Jojoba seeds yield an extract with anti-inflammatory properties, so this product reduces sebum production, as well as healing skin and promoting its elasticity and a smoother appearance.

TREAT For those prone to acne, we recommend Thursday Plantation Face Wash for Acne followed by Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Witch Hazel Toner and Face Cream. Tea tree oil has natural antiseptic qualities so is also good for treating pimples.

SUPPLEMENT Silica is a compound mineral important for strong, healthy connective tissue and collagen production. It is naturally present in hair, nails, and skin, but if your body is deficient in this mineral, supplements will be beneficial. Try Schleusser’s Silica tablets to treat dry or damaged hair, as well as brittle or cracked nails.

HYDRATE Drink enough alkalised water throughout the day to flush out toxins and keep skin well hydrated. For a nutrient boost add a teaspoon of chlorophyll to your water bottle.

PROTECT Keep your face out the sun and wear a mineral, zinc-based sunscreen when outdoors. With a number of new less toxic tanning lotions around there is no need to bake yourself in the sun for that summery glow!

AVOID Avoid beauty care products that contain artificial perfumes, synthetic additives or petrochemicals. Look for certified organic products such Inika that harness the healing power of nature in its purest form.

NOURISH No matter what your skin type, aim for a balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Eat salmon a couple of times a week for a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which help to retain moisture in your skin.




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