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Wisdom is in the eye

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At Go Vita, we aim to offer only the very best in wellness and clean beauty. At the forefront of premium cosmetics is the multi-award-winning brand – Eye of Horus Cosmetics.

Born in Australia’s very own majestic Byron Bay, Eye of Horus has harnessed ancient beauty formulations tried, tested and loved by goddesses of the past. Since its launch in 2012, the brand has catapulted to cult stardom due to its iconic branding and high performance, long wearing and low sensitising essential formulas. The formulations are time tested, kind to our mother earth and high performing, becoming a go-to staple for modern goddesses worldwide.

Ancient Egypt always held a fascination for the company co-founder, Holly Spierings. Her background – first working with an Australian organic skin care company and then studying naturopathy – further fuelled her interest in herbal lore and in the people who many believe to be the originators of beauty and masters of mystique – the ancient Egyptians.

The iconic range takes its inspiration from the Eye of Horus symbol, represented by the kohl-rimmed eyes of the ancient Egyptians, who wore eye makeup because they believed it offered magical powers and protection as well as being a statement of beauty.

Modern style

Eye of Horus cosmetics are based on formulas of the ancient Egyptians, with a contemporary focus on awakening the inner Goddess and being kind to the planet. They are infused with sacred waxes and oils, including organic moringa oil, also known as “the oil of the pharaohs” for its beautifying and regenerative powers.

The official debut of Eye of Horus was in 2012, after selling out at local markets. Today, Eye of Horus has a cult following and a fan base of professional makeup artists, celebrities and beauty bloggers.

To learn more, visit www.eyeofhoruscosmetics.com




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