Coyo -  Natural Probiotic Coconut Milk Kefir 700ml

Coyo - Natural Probiotic Coconut Milk Kefir 700ml


As Australia’s first certified organic vegan Probiotic Kefir, we had to make sure this drinkable yoghurt ticked all the boxes for our plant based friends. For starters, this vegan tangy and tart goodness is an easy and delicious way to incorporate more probiotics into your wellness routine with 11 different clinically researched live and active cultures. Every sip helps to achieve blissful digestion and vibrant gut microbiome to boost your gut health and immune system. To think it can’t get any better, this intense creamy coconut milk that you’ll love is also all-natural, gluten free, preservative-free, refined sugar free and certified kosher.


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