VegEase - Raw Mushroom Powder 10g (10seves)

VegEase - Raw Mushroom Powder 10g (10seves)


A great way to supplement your child’s daily vegetable intake and invest in your child's health. Mushrooms are rich in B vitamins such as riboflavin (B2), folate (B9), thiamine (B1), pantothenic acid (B5), and niacin B3). The B vitamins help the body to get energy from food, and they help form red blood cells. A number of B vitamins also appear to be important for a healthy brain. Mushrooms are also a good source of selenium. A number of B vitamins appear to be important for a healthy brain.

10g of VegEase Mushroom Powder is equivalent to 130g of raw mushrooms

Each pouch naturally contains 19.1% total dietary fibre or 1.9g 

There are 10 teaspoons per pouch so that you can stir though or sprinkle your way to improving your little one's vegetable intake. Slowly but surely your little one will become accustomed to the flavour of this nutrient dense vegetable and you too can raise Super kIds!


The Australian Dietary Guidelines say that there is a complex relationship between dietary patterns established in childhood and dietary quality in later life. 

How to Use: Add 1 teaspoon to your child’s dish. Stir through rice, pasta and cereal, milk or baked goods to ramp up the nutritional profile so that every meal your little ones have is supercharged with the benefits of vegetables. May also be used as a natural food colour and flavour. 10 Serves per Pack


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